Conference Pillars & Mission

Our Mission:

To organize an annual Carolinas’ Catholic men’s conference that focuses on the sacraments and features national Catholic speakers who pointedly challenge each participant to grow their Catholic Faith, deepen their relationship with Christ, and live up to their callings as Catholic men, husbands, & fathers.  Also, to provide communications and forums throughout the year to reinforce the conference messages and aid men in continuing their spiritual journey.

Our Pillars:

  •  Conferences will be in service to and in cooperation with the Bishop of the Diocese of Charlotte, and will seek to include bishop in SC
  •  The conference and follow-up forums will be organized through the Knights of Columbus, especially Council 770, with strong cooperation with the NC and SC State Councils and local councils as a service to both Knights and non-Knights in the Carolinas
  •   The conference will vigilantly seek to be faithful to the Magesterium of the Catholic Church
  •   We will strive to make the conference affordable while providing pleasant accommodation to attendees
  •   We will seek to capitalize on our large audience to raise money for charities
  •   Our primary goal in the conference is to impact attendees to be better Catholic men and more active in their faith, families and parishes